Fruit Based 3 Pack

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Fruit Based 3 Pack

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Purchase 3 bottles of our award-winning fruit-based hot sauces and save!

This 3 pack comes with one full size bottle of each of the following:

Solar Flare Hot Sauce (Hot)
2018 Fiery Food Challenge - Fruit Based Hot/XHot Sauce - 2nd Place
10th NYC Hot Pepper Awards - BEST "HOT" HOT SAUCE
10th NYC Hot Pepper Awards - SUPERHOTS FRUIT-BASED - 1st Place

Blueberry Plague Hot Sauce (Extra Hot)
9th NYC Hot Pepper Awards - SUPERHOTS PEPPER-SPECIFIC - 1st Place

Momento de Muerte Hot Sauce (Extra Hot)
10th NYC Hot Pepper Awards - BEST EXTRA HOT
10th NYC Hot Pepper Awards - EXTREME - 1st Place

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