Time to get the peppers outside

17/05/2017 1 Comment(s)


It's that time of year, time to start hardening off the peppers. I find the best way is to give them about 2 hours in the sun, and 2 hours in the shade every day for a week.

Happy planting!

1 Comment(s)

tony robinson:
12/06/2017, 02:31:19 PM

Thanks for the great service,been looking for a super hot seed supplier in Ontario !! Hope I'm not to late for Reapers and ghost peppers for this season.I'm in the Ottawa Valley an hour west of Ottawa and was not sure if starting from seeds will be too late now

Drew Stevens:
14/06/2017, 12:08:34 PM

Hi Tony. For outdoor growing you are likely too late to get ripe peppers. We start all of our seeds at the beginning of February to start harvesting in August. If you are willing to bring the plants indoors to complete growing, or over-winter until spring you will be OK.

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