Northern Lights Hot Sauce

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Northern Lights Hot Sauce
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Northern Lights "Verde Style with Roasted Peppers" Hot Sauce 

Pepper North treks deep into the Canadian Arctic in search of the ever-elusive and awe-inspiring Northern Lights. The term Aurora Borealis is derived from the Greek words “Aurora” meaning “sunrise” and “Boreas” meaning “wind”. This Mexican-style verde sauce features tomatillos, green jalapeno, poblano, and habanero peppers along with pure Canadian apple cider and maple syrup. Try it on tacos, nachos, pizza, eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches and other foods that need a tangy zing.

All Natural - No Preservatives - Gluten Free - Vegan

Heat Level: Mild / Doux (2/10)

Ingredients: Tomatillos, Roasted Green Peppers (jalapeno, poblano, habanero), Apple Cider, White Wine Vinegar, Onions, Lime Juice, Water, Garlic, Sugars (maple syrup), Sea Salt, Cilantro

Ingrédients: Tomatillos, Poivrons Verts Rôtis (jalapeno, poblano, habanero), Cidre De Pomme, Vinaigre De Vin Blanc, Oignons, Jus De Lime, Eau, Ail, Sucres (sirop d'érable), Sel De Mer, Coriandre

Size: 148 mL.

UPC: 627843582694

Tags: Jalapeno Pepper, Poblano Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Green

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